The LeBron James Show 

The LeBron James Show

Is LaBron James the Next Jordan? Read the news report and chime in. Should Congress step in and block high school athletes from playing in the pros? Are they mature enough or a public relations time bomb for the teams and leagues that allow them to play.

Let's blog about it.


James' NBA debut draws top ratings

Associated Press

BRISTOL, Conn. -- The NBA debut of Cleveland's LeBron James was a ratings hit for ESPN.

The Cavaliers' game against Sacramento on Wednesday night earned a 2.8 rating for the cable network, which is the equivalent of 2.49 million households. That rating is higher than all but one of the network's 69 regular-season games last season. James scored 25 points but the Cavaliers lost 106-92.

The game was the second half of a doubleheader. The first game -- Orlando at New York -- had a 1.9 rating. The doubleheader averaged a 2.3 rating, or two million households, 44 percent higher than the 1.6 for the doubleheader that launched ESPN's coverage last season.

The only game last season that topped the Cleveland-Sacramento rating was the first meeting between Shaquille O'Neal of the Los Angeles Lakers and Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets on Jan. 17, which earned a 3.8.

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Wed Jan 18, 2006 9:46 am MST by jaime

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Fri Oct 7, 2005 11:11 am MST by dalton

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Sun Mar 20, 2005 11:35 pm MST by JP

Comment lebron james is not as good as michael in his prime are you freakin nutz

Sun Feb 13, 2005 8:42 pm MST by Anonymous

Comment My favourite NBA player Allan Iverson and Lebron James.

Fri Dec 31, 2004 12:55 am MST by M?t? KOv.

Comment Lebron James, is going to be better than Michael Jordan was. He's practically as good now, as MJ was when he was at his prime. Just imagine what Lebron will do in the NBA.

Mon Feb 23, 2004 2:51 pm MST by LJCleveFan

Comment Like I stated in my previous column, I believed and now definetely believe that Lebron James will be something special. Maybe more than Jordan. Although I believe King James will have similar failures, that is not win any championships in his early NBA years, he posseses a court awareness that Jordan did not have coming into the league. Posting triple-double-like numbers as an 18 year old is incredible. Signing a $90 million contract with Nike before his first NBA game is just as incredible. He already embodies what Jordan was in his prime--except for the championship rings--by taking advantage of his marketability and displaying superior basketball ability. It's been only a week into the season, and Lebron did show a sign that he is still a rookie, he will only elevate his skills. I think he will be a more successful business man and basketball player than Jordan was. Of course, Jordan is still the man.

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Mon Nov 3, 2003 3:49 am MST by Zennie

Comment How 'bout a level playing field, like if everyone took the same amount of steroids, there'd be no cheatin' coz we'd all be equal

Mon Nov 3, 2003 3:23 am MST by Anonymous

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